Hi there!
My name is Amanda, but I also go by A.J. when I’m feeling adventurous. You’re welcome to call me either.
I am a graphic designer based in the Portland, Oregon area. I moved here from the desert southwest in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the fall colors, winding roads, and above all, THE RAIN.
I also write novels, and have a tendency to fall in love with fictional characters. If I’m not staring at a computer for a design or writing project, I’m probably obsessing over my favorite music or staying up way too late to read just one more chapter. Two crazy cats own me, and despite what they may tell you, are very well fed and loved.

My work:
I believe in doing things right the first time and caring about even the tiniest details that make a project look great. I love seeing a project develop from a little idea into something complete and beautiful.
I am open to a variety of design projects, but these are the skills I am most proficient in and passionate about:
Book Design — Including eBooks, Print Layout/Typesetting, and Cover Design
Vector Illustration
Pattern Design and Illustration
Page Layout and Typesetting
Packaging Design
Posters and Other Promotional Materials
For more information or to get in touch about a project, please email me at ajreidcreative [at] gmail.com and allow 24 hours for a response.
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