When envisioning Manhattan, it is impossible not to think of the crowds, towering skyline, vast bridges, and beautiful parks. I enjoy the details of the island, zooming in on a building or bridge or park bench to capture the small beauty in a massive city.
I wanted to find a way to blend the industrial and structural aspects of the region with its more organic, natural elements, creating something reminiscent of architecture and industry without being overly rigid.
This logo was inspired by the decorative architecture found on many buildings and bridges in New York City. I was especially drawn to the bridges in Central Park, filled with curves, angles, and ornamentation. I wanted the logo to feel elegant while remaining simple in nature. The adorned capital letter in the wordmark adds a touch of elegance without being overbearing.
In creating the visual theme, I always went back to lines and connections. From the streets, to the subway lines, to the fire escapes on brick buildings, to the suspension bridges, lines are everywhere. I also liked the idea of fragmented glass, reminiscent of the stained glass windows of cathedrals. 
I combined this concept with the idea of interpersonal connections, and the intersections people form throughout their lives. The theme can be applied using any combination of the brand colors, including black and white. Examples of application include packaging, apparel, and transportation.
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